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Simplify and Focus on What Really Matters

Certified High Performance Coaching™

Are you ready to….

  • Have a greater sense of CLARITY in life? No more feeling overwhelmed!
  • Feel an increased level of physical, mental and emotional ENERGY you need for your work, dreams, and relationships?
  • Take bold actions and show up as your true self with more Confidence and COURAGE? No more backing down or hiding!
  • Be more PRODUCTIVE, which means being effective with what really makes the difference? Eliminate distractions, streamline your time and energy to focus on the important things, not just the busy-work.
  • Feel more positive and impactful with a greater level of INFLUENCE in your relationships at home, at work and with your friends?
  • Take your life to that NEXT LEVEL and to be MORE Purposeful, Positive, Successful and Fulfilled in all areas of your life?
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Work With Michelle

Michelle DeVault Huljev works with individuals and groups who are ready to live their potential and consistently reach higher levels of performance while maintaining a focus on authenticity, fulfillment, and joy.

In other words, it’s about living and loving your life!

We all have the capacity to leverage our strengths, learn new habits and excel. It’s about pinpointing your path and refining what works for you. It starts from within and with a deep understanding and focus on the core areas of high performance. Whether you’re a business executive, community leader, athlete, stay-at-home mom or entrepreneur, the key areas of high performance remain essential to consistent excel and live with fulfillment. These areas include: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence.

Do you feel like you could use help getting to that next level or taking that next bold action in your life? Sometimes, high performers need a little help tapping into and refining several key areas necessary to propel forward and upward. Just as professional athletes have a coach to fine-tune their game and their technique, so too do high performers. Master the areas of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence so you can consistently excel and live a life of meaning, purpose and passion.

Michelle works with you to delve deep into these areas in order to uncover your mindset and core values. She pushes you to learn how to consistently excel and supports you along the way. Michelle also provides tools and strategies for becoming more productive, influential and successful in all you do!

The High Performance Coaching process includes an initial series of 12 sessions. You will work to break through your barriers, reach your highest potential and performance in every aspect.

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Elite Level Coaching

Individual Coaching Program


Deep dive into what really matters for YOU and how to take your life to that next level you're ready for! 

Individual Program includes:

  • 12 weekly, 60 minute, one-on-one High Performance Coaching sessions via phone or zoom. 
  • Start Anytime!
  • Personalized post session email notes.
  • Access to worksheets and tools to help you reflect and deepen your insights.

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