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Precious Life; Live Yours

live Jan 05, 2018


Sometimes we go through our days thinking the next day is a given…. that our tomorrow will surely be there.  If we don’t get to our goals today, there is always tomorrow or the next day.  If we didn’t tell someone we love them or take the time to have an important conversation, there is always tomorrow.  If we don’t work toward our dreams today, then maybe tomorrow….

While traveling with my family, a few summers ago I was powerfully reminded of how precious life is, how quickly things can change.  Tomorrows aren’t always a definite promise in life. 

We were at a beautiful beach in the Croatian city of Split one afternoon, enjoying the warm summer day.  There were hundreds of people frolicking in the warm, green-blue Adriatic waters, music adding to the festive air, cafes and restaurants bustling, children laughing.  The shore was alive.  We had just enjoyed a delicious gelato ice cream cone. ...

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