About Michelle

I’m thrilled to be able to work with people who are really ready to take their lives to the next level and create their best life, but aren’t sure just how to do that yet. I know what that feels like.

For years I knew I wanted more out of life. After graduating with a degree in Communications and English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I spent 17 years working in the financial industry thinking I was doing what I should be doing. Things were good financially but I knew I wanted something else out of my life, something more.

I struggled to find my direction and my courage. Frustrated by my over-rationalizing and over-analyzing thoughts, I dreamed of a life that had purpose and passion. When I had children, the wheel I was on began spinning faster and faster but not leading to a life of fulfillment. With a sudden family death, a light bulb finally clicked. I found myself more intently focused on figuring a way to create a life I love. I realized that I have what I need to create and live my own story. And I can help others realize and create their best lives too. I went back to my love of communication and people and studied courses and books in psychology, motivation, and coaching. I am now one of only 450 individuals trained as a Certified High Performance Coach and I’m also a Co-Active trained coach by Coaches Training Institute (CTI). These models focus on leveraging the key areas of high performance and on the whole person. Using these models you gain insight, awareness, strategies and tools for moving the needle in all areas of life.

I truly love guiding and teaching others how to tap into their full potential and encouraging them along the way! I’m excited to share that with you. To discover more about creating your best life, request a High Performance Coaching Strategy Session by completing this questionnaire here.

For questions, please email [email protected].

Here's to a YOUR next level!

Talk soon!






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